Caruso Homes




The "On Your Lot” Purchasing Process

  • 1. Find the Right Lot.
    Choose the lot which best suits your needs and wants. Ask yourself questions. Is the location where you want to live? Is the lot flat or does it have steep grades? Will you need to clear trees? Will it be an in-ground or walkout condition? Does it have water and sewer available or will it have a well and septic? These are questions that need to be answered when deciding on a lot.
  • 2. Decide on a Home/Floor Plan and Options.
    Determine the type of home you would like to build. Some things you may want to consider: Do you want a 1 story or a 2 story home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed? Does it have the options you are looking for, and can you make changes to accommodate what you want? Visit our Available Home Plans section to view our selection of models and use our virtual builder tool to add options, move walls and even place furniture.
  • 3. Get an accurate cost to build.
    A representative from Caruso Homes will visit the site to determine the placement of the home on the property and identify what site improvements are needed. A cost estimate can then be developed to build your home with the options you selected using the virtual builder tool.
  • 4. Apply for financing.
    Meet with a Mortgage representative to start the financing process. Caruso Homes has relationships with multiple lenders that specialize in construction loans to guarantee that you receive the most competitive terms and conditions. 
  • 5. Hire an engineer to site the home and apply for the permits.
    Caruso Homes knows that every day counts, so while the engineers are moving to expedite the permit process our staff works equally hard to see that all processes are in place so your home can start to be delivered in the timeframe given.
  • 6. Pre-construction meeting. 
    Before actual construction begins; you will meet on site to review all construction documents to assure your home is built the way you expect. At this meeting, you will also have an accurate explanation of the entire building process identifying key points in the building cycle. 
  • 7. Communication.
    During construction your personal Caruso Homes project manager will be available to address any concerns or questions you may have. Throughout the construction process your home will go through a series of county inspections, as well as our own quality assurance inspections, to ensure that your home is built to the highest standards.
  • 8. Pre-Closing Orientation.
    This walk through will be to demonstrate the operating procedures and quality features that have been selected in your new home. We will also identify any punch out items that need to be corrected before settlement and review our warranty procedure.
  • 9. Congratulations!
    It is time to go to settlement. After final closing, you are ready to move into your beautiful, new Caruso Home and start making many years of happy memories.