Caruso Homes




10 Reasons to Choose Caruso Homes On Your Lot

  • 1. Award Winning Designs.
    Caruso Homes offer 34 award winning designs for you to choose from ranging from 1,700 square feet up to 7,000 square feet.
  • 2. Accurate Cost to Build.
    There are NO hidden costs. All cost are identified and discussed prior to starting. 
  • 3. Competitive Financing.
    We have multiple lenders to choose from ready to assist you, assuring you receive the most competitive rates and financing possible.
  • 4. Easy 9 Step Process.
    Caruso Homes helps guide you throughout the entire process making sure all your needs and expectations are met. 
  • 5. Affordability.
    Greater purchasing power and volume discounts allow Caruso Homes to build at a lower cost per square foot than a typical custom home builder, and we pass those savings on to our customers.
  • 6. Professional Experienced Managers. 
    All of Caruso Homes field managers have been building homes for almost 30 years guaranteeing your home will be built with the dedication and quality craftsmanship you expect and deserve.
  • 7. Ability to Make Changes.
    If a floor design doesn't match your needs, Caruso Homes offers the opportunity to personalize the plans allowing you to create the home of your dreams.
  • 8. Quality Inspections.
    Throughout the building process your home will go through our quality assurance inspections making sure your home is built to the highest standards that you deserve. 
  • 9. A Strong, Dependable Company.
    Since 1989 Caruso Homes has been a premier home builder dedicated to customer satisfaction while providing uncompromising quality of construction and designs.
  • 10. An Outstanding Warranty Program.
    Once you settle, you can rest assured that Caruso Homes will be there to address any service request or to answer any questions that you may have with your new home.